Content Editor

The Content Editor Web Part allows to link Documents / Scripts on modern pages

The Content Editor Web Part allows to link Documents / Scripts on modern pages


WebPart Properties
Property NameDescription
Link Document Enter the Url to your Document / Script. JSOM also supported
Options -
License Key Please enter your Paypal "Profile ID" or "Automatic payment ID" to unlock your WebPart. (Format: I-1A11SSBB2241)

Get a license

We offer different kinds of license

  • a PayPal subscription
  • a conservative invoice for a defined time period

  • Office 365


    Select your seats count (All active accounts having access to your tenant)
    If your seats count is over 2499, please request an Offer!

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    11/14/2020 18:43
    License Error! Your Evaluation Version expired. Please contact us at to get a license.
    11/14/2020 19:50

    Please follow step three on the download section to get your tenant registered.
    This will unlock the web part.

    Kind regards,
    Raphael Meng-Bloch

    11/16/2020 16:27
    Still getting the error and can't activate it, please help!
    11/16/2020 16:33

    please let us look into this case by email. I think it will not help other customers if we post these conversation on that forum.
    Here is the link to get your tenant registerd directly:
    Normally it is available, if you click on the download button at the top of this page and following step three on the redirected download page.

    We also can have a screen sharing session to look into this together.

    Kind regards,
    Raphael Meng-Bloch
    Mike Zzz
    01/06/2021 18:17
    Does this content editor also allow for adding html files to the page like on SP2016? So I can have both javascript css and html?
    01/08/2021 15:14

    yes it is possible to link a HTML document with the modern content editor.
    The document can include CSS, HTML and Javascript as well.
    Allen DeLaney-Kolby
    04/25/2021 02:00
    I have a site where I am sharing information with external users as well. Do those accounts count toward licensing costs?
    04/26/2021 06:28
    Allen DeLaney-Kolby,

    external users will not count to the active seats count.
    To make our web part working for external users, they will also need access to:

    AppCatalog sitecollection (read access)
    Rootsitecollection/Bitalus; this is a hidden library and users need to have read access too if there is a licensekey textfile use to unlock the web part.