Stock Quotes

The Stock Quotes Web Part uses the public Yahoo Finance Stock Quote Web Service to display selected stock quote information. The data are delayed by 20 minutes and provided by Yahoo Finance.

You can configure the following web part properties:
calendar size
hide or show weekends
configure CSS settings for individual formatting


WebPart Properties
Property NameDescription
General Settings
Symbol Enter the Stock Symbol
Background Color Set a background Color for a positive, negative and N/A state, separated with a ";" like: green;red;silver or #19ef60;#f31040;Silver
Custom CSS Style Adjust the look and Feel with additional CSS.
Options Specified different working mechanism by Options (List below).
Autorefresh Settings
Enable Autorefresh enable or disable this functionality to automatically refresh it's values.
- (i.E. to use this WebPart on a public Display)
Interval in Minutes Specified the interval in Minutes from 5 to 120 Minutes.
Expert Settings
Header Template HTML/CSS Header Template to start with like a Title and Div / UL Tag.
- If you like to have the Indicator background-colors, please use the class name: AESQstockWrapper.
Field Template Will repeat for each Item. To select a stock information values use curly brackets: {g}
Fields to address {high}{low}{volume}{change}{symbol}{close}{open}{link}
Footer Template Set the footer Template with ending Tags
instance=n| To configure multiple instances for itself, set each WebPart to an own instance.
- i.E. instance=1| for the first WebPart. And instance=2| for the second one
setcolortoclass=classname| Set Background-Color properties assigne to the proper classname (Expert Mode only)
setcolorattribut=attributname| Set the CSS attribute within the proper classname (Expert Mode only)
epoch=TIME_SERIES_INTRADAY| Enables (if available for the particular Stock) the placeholder {lastDate}{lastTime}.
->dateformat=d;m;y| rearrange the datestring if needed
->datedelimeter=-| set a delimeter for the above option
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