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List Rotator

Create your own modern page List Rotator with HTML / CSS on any List type.
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Using the flexible FieldTemplate to build your own responsive Rotator with any SharePoint List!


WebPart Properties
Property NameDescription
Site URL Specify the full URL to the Site, serving the List.
ListName Choose your List from the available DropDownList.
View Name Choose your List View from the available DropDownList. (optional)
FieldTemplate Define the Item template with HTML / CSS, as needed. Fields are accessible by surrounding curly brackets like: {Body} {Title} {Author}
Date Format change the output string of the DateTime fields.
Date Format Locale set your location to get the correct date string (en, nl…)
Field to shrink by word count define a field within your Template to shrink by word count.
Max numbers of words how many words would be displayed from the field defined above
Enable Bullets True or false
Enable Controlls True or false
Link to Item True or false
Rotation Speed (ms) Set how long the Item should be displayed.
Items to work with (top/newest) To receive the newest items, specify a number here and disable list view.
CSS Set the look and feel (optional)
Bullets Position Choose the position from the dropdown.
License Key Please enter your Paypal "Profile ID" or "Automatic payment ID" to unlock your WebPart.
Example / Templates
Banner with Blog list

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