Geo Mapper

The Geo Mapper Web Part allows displaying the geographical location of a given address, by translating the address into Longitude/Latitude with a Service and save the Data into your List. KPI Indicator and Freely defined Marker-Popup’s, based on HTML and List Field Values.

Translate Address to Geolocation and display markers on the map with details!


WebPart Properties
Property NameDescription
Title Define a modern page WebPart title
Link Title to connected list Set a link to the Title value
Latitude Enter a valid value. You could find the proper value, by clicking on the map (if Option “Show onClick Helper” is enabled)
Longitude Enter a valid value. You could find the proper value, by clicking on the map (if Option “Show onClick Helper” is enabled)
Zoomlevel Choose the default Zoomlevel
Head Define a Header Text or a Template with HTML
Height Define the Map size height in Pixels or in Percent
Width Define the Map size within Pixels or in Percent
Show onClick Helper Enable a helper Popup with the geographical coordinates.
ListName Use the defined List to display Markers on the Map. (FieldNames: Latitude (number), Longitude (number), Title, Address)
Site URL Use a full URL to navigate to the proper SiteCollection, if needed
Filter fields Create filter boxes as normal textbox or dropdowns.
in Example: @title;address;
@ will create a dropdown with all its available values
without the @, it will create a normal input box.
%|title will create a div like a button with a Dialog function to the linked List.
Rename a filter field title by entering a pipe character. (i.E: field|title;)
Use List Data enable/disable
Fit Screen on all Markers enable/disable
FieldTemplate HTML/CSS can be used. to grab Data from your ListItem, use Curly Brackets. I.E: Object: {Title}
Address: {Address}
Enable ViewField Column “View” If you like to build your own View, please add a Column named “View” to your List.
Filtering by Value If you have enabled the above setting and your List is including a field named “View” (Single line of Text), you could filter by its Value. (I.E: If you have 100 Items in that particular list and only want to show a specific set of this items, use the ListField “View” and set the same name to each Item you like to show as a View).
Address List Field Specify the Address field name, to get it displayed with the next checkbox option, or let it translate into geographical Data and save them into your List.
Also a template is available now (V to create your Address with available list fields: “@{Street}, {PC} {City}”
Show GeoCode on Map enable/disable (automatically disabled on refresh)
Update List with GeoCode Needs a couple things to work: 1) Your List has to be present. 2)Your Address List Field have to be correct. 3) “Show GeoCode on Map” have to be enabled. 4) Your List should have both Fields set up as numbers “Latitude” and “Longitude”.
KPI List Field Specify the KPI List Field, which contains the Data from 0 to 100 (%).
Options externalcss=url| will load an external CSS file like Font Awesome.

Set Custom Pins on KPI Values in example: whiteiconurl=|

replace ture / false list values with a string in example:

If you have the “Geolocation” field and fieldtyp added, you could automatically fill it up by the geocoder (Latitude and Longitude) field.
Show a Pin legend within the Filter field section Filter fields property: add string: |leg;
Modify the KPI Colors property: Color|Value|LegendTitleValue;

Source Map CopyRight:
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    Joe Lavia
    11/01/2019 17:52
    Is there updated documentation for the web part? I just installed V1102 and there is no "Show GeoCode on Map" checkbox. I cannot get the web part to update the Latitude and Longitude fields in my list.
    11/04/2019 18:47
    Hello Livia,

    please have a look just above the KPI settings.
    Also verify to have the internal field name used within the property: Address List Field.
    You can find the internal list field name: Navigate to the List, go to the list settings and hover the list field name with your mouse. Your browser will show the internal list field name at the end of the browsers info bottom bar.
    Joe Lavia
    11/05/2019 21:24
    Can you show me a propper usage of custom pin syntax? Here is how I tried to use your example.

    11/06/2019 18:10
    Hello Lavia,

    to use colored Pins on the Map, you will need to enable the KPI section by a field name on your list, containing values from 1 to 100 on each item. Best practice is a choice field with predefined values and a default value set.
    If you have coloured Pins enabled on your map, you can upload your own pins to a library in your environment and link the URL to a colored pin in the web part property option: greeniconurl=Link to the Image|
    This example will replace the green icon with the image from the link.
    Joe Lavia
    11/14/2019 17:29
    Is it possible to add a sales territory "overlay" to the map or any overlay? If so, how/ is there an example or documentation?
    Raphael Bloch
    11/15/2019 14:40

    there is currently no option implemented to have an overlay to the map.
    Do you have a mockup/example?
    please send it by email to
    11/28/2019 09:21
    On my list, I have multiple sales associates in the same city. When I click a pin on the map, I want to display at once all the names of the people associated with that city.
    How can I achieve that on the web part? Thanks!
    12/04/2019 17:56
    Hello Vee,

    we have published an update, merging items with the same coordinates to one bubble.
    Please update your Geo Mapper Web Part to version 1104
    01/30/2020 11:43
    Hi Raphael,
    I have one master list. How can I use the functionality "Is Enable ViewField Column “View"?
    Basically, I want to display contents from the master list on different pages but only show certain fields based on a particular field or view. How can I achieve this? Thanks!
    01/30/2020 12:29

    please update to the most recent version 1108.
    There was an issue, preventing from filtering by its list field value.

    01/30/2020 16:17
    What are the instructions to update to the most recent version 1108? Thanks.
    01/30/2020 16:20

    you can follow the installation instruction defined in this small document: Linked Document
    After uploading the .sppkg file to your AppCatalog it will just ask you if it should replace the current version: Accept this.
    02/24/2020 17:01
    I enables ViewField Column “View” but I just want to display certain data from the ListItem.
    For example in a view for a region, I just want to display people who have directors in their job titles and not sales associates. Also, I don't want to display the empty fields in the pinpoint on the map.
    Please advise, thanks.
    02/25/2020 12:51

    the ViewField is working like this:
    Create a column called View in your configured list in classic mode.
    Use this field to build a view. All Items for View1 do need the value View1 in its field View.
    Set the web part property Filtering by Value to View1 to have only theses items renderd on the map.

    If you like to have a filter dropdown for the field above, please use the web part property Filter fields with value: @View to have a dropdown filter available on the map top section, filtering items by its View value. Other fields are also available to work with.
    04/03/2020 14:16
    Hi! I enabled view on the web part but the cities are overlapping. For example, Apia (13.8304, -171.755) and Lima (-12.0867, -77.0017) are showing on the same pin.
    I am on SharePoint online. About the important columns: View column is single line of text. Latitude and Longitude are number type.
    04/03/2020 17:26

    are you on the most recent version?
    we had a customer having the same issue once. It was related to the list and settings.
    Please update first to the most recent version. If the issue still occures, are you available on monday for a screen sharing session?
    04/16/2020 08:12

    we have published a new version fixing this issue.
    Please update to the most recent version.
    08/17/2020 23:28

    Could we see markers on the maps from adress field unless record longitude and latitude data in list

    Best regards
    Raphael Bloch
    08/18/2020 05:44

    you can use the internal mechanism to translate your address to long-latitude as a function to choose from the web part properties.
    Please use the ListName property to select your list.
    Use the Address List Field property as described above to read your list field's address values.
    And check the chechbox with the Update List with GeoCode property.