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Menu Carousel

This Menu Carousel WebPart displays a Tile Menu Carousel from a Picture Gallery also across SiteCollections.
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Menu Carousel could help improving navigation


WebPart Properties
Property NameDescription
List Name Choose your List from the available DropDownList (Picture Libraries and Custom Lists available!).
Site URL Specify the full URL to the Site, serving the List.
URL Field Name If the Navigator should have linked Pictures, specify the proper List Field Name with type “Hyperlink”.
Show TextPanel True/false
TextPanelAlwaysOnTop True/False
Enable Border True/false
Enable Shadows True/false
Textpanel Position Set the Position of the TextPanel (Inside bottom; Inside Top; bottom; top)
Enable Auto Scroll True/false
Number of tiles to scroll on Click How many Icons/Tiles to pass on Click (Left, Right)
Title Opacity (x10) Manage the transparency of the Background-Color
Textpanel Font Size Adjust the font size of the Title
Space between Tiles Sets the space between the Tiles in Pixels
Border Width If the Border is enabled, here you can set its Width
Textpanel Font Family Use a known Font Family to set a Style.
Textpanel Title Color Set a Font Color for the Textpanel
Textpanel Background-Color Set the Color of the Background (Opacity options linked to this further down)
Border Color Adjust the Color of the Border if needed.
Manual Width (px) Set the Tile Width in Pixel.
Manual Height (px) Set the Tile Height in Pixel.
Enable ViewField Column “View” If you like to build your own View, please add a Column named “View” to your List.
Filtering by Value If you have enabled the above setting and your List is including a field named “View” (Single line of Text), you could filter by its Value.
(I.E: If you have 100 Items in that particular list and only want to show a specific set of this items,
use the ListField “View” and set the same name to each Item you like to show as a View).
Order by ColumName “Order” Create a List Field named “Order” as a numeric field.
If you have used the above settings to build your Views,
here is the way to get it in order as you need. Use numeric values to set each item in the particular list.
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