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The Office 365 / SharePoint Online Script Editor WebPart let you create and execute custom scripts on classic and modern pages.
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Modern Script Editor to embedd on Modern and classic page types!
WebPart property to enable / disable the WebPart.


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    OnPremise (SharePoint 2019 / 2016)

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    02/02/2019 15:48
    my styles are not applied, do I miss something or is it just working with scripts?
    .footerBar_dbfbffb6 {
    02/02/2019 16:30
    Hello Rob,
    It is working with both, scripts and css/styles.
    Have you missed the starting-/ending tags? <style> your code here </style> ?
    To hide the footer-bar, I would suggest to use another statement, because your Class name will change within the next few days:
    div[class^="footerBar"] {
    04/08/2019 18:54
    Sound on the web part video would be awesome. Your missing instructions and more detail. I want to try these.
    04/09/2019 20:45
    Hello Jim,

    do you need assistance on the installation process?
    We could do it within a screen sharing session or by email.

    A general WebPart installation guide will be available within the next view days.